What is new

Version 9.1 of 2017-06-13 replaces version 9.0 of 2016-12-15 and includes the revisions made only in the on-line registry in version 9.0.1 of 2017-03-19.

New to version 9.1, 2017-06-13 (Access and SQL download)

  • Changes as documented in Change Records through 2017.028, but with actions still remaining on some change requests.
  • New data for Australia, Czech Republic, Europe (ETRF realizations of ETRS89), Iceland, Trinidad and Tobago, United States (AZ and WI) and ITRF (transformations to ITRF2014).
  • Minor revision to data for Germany, Kerguelen, Trinidad and Tobago.
  • In the registry (but not Access or SQL), the GML for several coordinate operation methods included values for source CRS and target CRS dimension attributes. These method attributes are no longer populated. The information can be obtained from the CRS records.

Data previously released only in version 9.0.1 in the online registry, now included in full v9.1 release of Access and SQL download:

  • New data for Australia, Canada, DR Congo, Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Minor revision to data for Canada, India, Papua New Guinea.