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Frequently Asked Questions



Who can request data additions or modification of existing EPSG data?

Change requests are accepted from any interested party.

How to successfully request data additions or modification of existing EPSG data?

i ) Requests should clearly state what is being proposed using the template for data submission.

ii) If the change is to existing Dataset content then the code for the entity in question must be stated, preferably along with its name.

iii) If the request is to add new data then as a minimum the information highlighted in red in the template for data submission shall be submitted, either through completing the template and including in a message to feedback@epsg.org, or given indirectly by providing the URL for a publicly-available web site which contains the information.


To suggest data additions or modification of existing EPSG data, please see template for data submission and contact: 



Template for data submission (Mar 2020)
Example of data submission (Mar 2014)

How will I know that my data submission was successful?

Requests received will be acknowledged by the IOGP Geodesy Subcommittee, normally within one working week of receipt. If they are within scope, they will be allocated a change request number and then reviewed by the Subcommittee.

What if the information provided is not complete or contains errors?

Incomplete and erroneous submissions will be acknowledged however the Subcommittee may require the proposer to provide supplementary information before reaching a decision. We encourage the use of template for data submission as it provides guidance on the information required for a specific type of entry. Correctly filled template would typically accelerate processing a valid request (see example of data submission).

Changes that are accepted are first made in an unpublished copy of the Dataset and are put through a quality control check. Correspondents may be asked to comment on draft entries.

When the changes requested will be published via EPSG.ORG?

The Subcommittee aim to process all complete and within the scope requests within one release cycle of the Dataset. Correspondents will be advised of the decision reached as soon as it has been made.